How is COVID-19 Reshaping the Economy in 2020?

The worst tragedy of the year 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak, still looms. The death toll from COVID 19 in the United States has risen to more than 62,000, while the highest number of deaths in the United Kingdom is 26,000. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned the world about the threats of coronavirus. The novel coronavirus is not just affecting the health but also proving to be a disaster for many businesses. International Monetary Funds reported that the United States’ unemployment rate had hit the proportion of 10.4%. The epidemic is creating an alarming situation for the economy of the world. Disturbing various small and large businesses of the world. The most important industry of education is badly affected due to the outbreak. However, some students manage to get help by assignments help by online experts.

The Coronavirus’ spike is rapidly increasing the number of layoffs at small to large businesses. 

20 Jubilant Companies, who opted for the coronavirus layoffs, to keep their businesses running.

1. American Airlines

2. AT&T

3. Bloomberg

4. Boeing

5. CAA

6. Coca Cola

7. Daimler

8. Delta Airlines

9. Ford Vehicles 

10. JCPenny

11. L Brands

12. LinkedIn

13. MGM Resorts

14. NBCUniversal

15. Salesforce

16. Schlumberger

17. Southwest Airlines

18. Spirit Airlines

19. Tailored Brands

20. United Airlines

This isn’t an exaggeration! Believe it or not.

Billions of bucks – down the drain!

Epidemics like Coronavirus are standalone risk factors for both big and small businesses. Organizations rely on massive loans to keep the circle going. The bloodbath impacts of this unpredictable disease are pressurizing individuals to stay home and practice social distancing. However, such exercises are fruitful in case one is concerned about his or her health. Yet, cautioned the business that these financial uncertainties would reduce the credit access. 

So be it a local business or a blue-chip giant are struggling to manage finances by decreasing their payable. Eventually, they are streamlining and downsizing that, possibly, could worsen the situation. Nevertheless, various drastic measures are in process to prevent the closings. 

Some Noteworthy Strategies that are reshaping the Economy!

Day by day, increasing the pressure of the unstoppable coronavirus has shaken up many businesses. They are continuously scrambling to get control over the eye-opening scenarios. The pandemic has created a twin shock, the global health crisis, and a prolonged lockdown. Along with the sudden break down of global economies, many multinational companies are striving to overcome the corona virus’s combined effect.

These strategies are helping Businesses to survive the COVID-19 and combat its aftermath. 


Mutual Cooperation

Emergency fund policies

Organizational agility

System Change

To Sum it Up

COVID-19 has no doubt caused severe damage to the global economy but as we know that Necessity is the mother of invention. And a person’s need or problem encourages his efforts to solve the problem and meet the requirement we;  Coronavirus has proven to be a driving force for many new concepts like online classes, online assignment help, digital concepts of earning money for the people who laid off their jobs due to the financial breakdown of companies.

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