The Wood Carving Tools & Technique

Since the earliest times, wood decoration has been a prominent art. The tendency of human nature has always been to adorn every article of ordinary use. The Humanity, from its first times, cut drawings or designs in each article of wood that is susceptible of size. This can be seen in the work of various peoples who preserve this tradition: the Indians of North America carve their hooks or the mouthpieces of the pipes, just as the Polynesians carve their oars.

Its applications are varied, although its main function is the ornament. It is used both at the architectural level and for the beautification of everyday objects.

Like all crafts, it has an artistic component, in which the carver-craftsman overturns his creative talent to draw from a few tables a work of art, and another component, technical and mechanical, that must be taken into account for the raw material Respond to the efforts of the carver and achieve the desired result.

Wood carving is one of the first techniques to come to light for woodworking. This has been used since ancient times which has adopted various applications. Nowadays it is generally used as ornamentation, where various decorative figures and objects are created. A work in size is perfect when the user perfectly mixes the technique of carving with the art. From this mixture emerge some impressive figures that were extracted directly from the wood. However, in order to ensure the best finish of these figures, the person must have at his disposal all the tools that will be used in the process, such as gouges and mallet, which are of great importance in the technique of wood carving. The carving is an easy and practical technique, although it takes a long time the finish is generally perfect, however, the finish will depend on the drawing and the wood used, as this greatly influences the aesthetics and the ornamentation of creation.

The drawing is a very important point since through this the user can appreciate what he is going to carve and can modify it before applying it to the wood. As for the wood what must be taken from it is the heartwood, which are the layers of dead sapwood. This must be completely dry and can not have sapwood or knots, this way will be perfect to carry out the carving works. The wood of size is chosen according to its quality. This must be very dry to be able to carve it. The use of defective or imperfect woods is not recommended, whether with cracks, knots, scratches, etc. The most recommended woods are those that have the straight veins since the fibers do not cause many inconveniences because they are always worked in the same direction of the veins so that the fibers do not break. As for size, the best way to start with the work is by making use of the geometric size. This technique is very easy since no molding or casting is required, but some pressure is required on the part of the user. If the person chooses to size with blades, he must use special blades that can be used with one hand. To perform the carving with these tools you must make a grid and start with the flat knife with which the first cuts will be made. This knife grips tightly and is inserted into the wood vertically. Then you must take the notch knife and loosen a small triangle of wood. All the carving with these tools is done with these two blades.

Surely all fans of wood, DIY and crafts will enjoy reading it and putting it into practice.

Materials and Woodworking tools required:

  • Knives
  • A preferably hard brush to remove the chips from the
  • A rectangle of Linden wood (class of wood), with measures
    of 40 cm by 30 cm and a thickness of 4.5 cm. The direction of the fiber will be
    marked in pencil on the wood.

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