3 Legitimate Farmville Cheats

farmvilleCheating is often not a good thing. Though you may imagine it would get you forward, it can actually in the long run make things too simple and take the real excitement and challenge out of any game. With the game of Farmville, there are lots of individuals feeling left behind who will go on the hunt for fast and dirty solutions. Don’t waste your money on software which can mess up the game for you or guides that are outdated. Developers know of those tools and would combat your efforts. There are however 3 legal Farmville cheats you can make use of to speed up your efforts in the game and ultimately move up quick.

This first one is one that your friends would significantly be glad about. It is known as boxing in your farmer.  When you farmer first lands on your farm, he’ll land in the very same palce each and every time. buy some hay bales, and put them around him. This may prevent him from being able to stroll across the farm. What you would notice is that once you go to fertilize in a far spot or harvest something, the work will get done and you’ll save a ton of time that may have been spent while he struggles to walk past items or throughout growing crops. When your friends or neighbors come to visit to fertilize your crops, they also would likely be locked in place but would still be able to fertilize quickly and get out. This saves them time as well. One thing you should bear in mind is that while you make your farm bigger, the area where your farmer lands would change. At the moment you could find the different spot and just move the boxed in area.

A second Farmville cheat entails what to do when you first obtain a chicken pen. The very first chicken you should drop in is the one that is closest to being prepared for a harvest. The rest of the chickens you put in will follow suit and you won’t have to wait a full day before you may gather the eggs from your coop.

Last of all, explore your ribbons a bit. A few of them you would see overlap. For instance, there’s a “fenced in” ribbon, and there is a “pack rat” ribbon. Fenced in requires you to position a certain number of fences in your farm whereas the pack rat requires you to have a certain number of objects in your farm. To knock out both of these ribbons in record time, save up some coin and go on a fence spending spree. Buy the most cost effective fence you may find. As you place the fence items on your farm, they’re also counted as objects. As you finish getting the fenced in ribbons, you’ll acquire all those required for the pack rat as well.  When you’re finished, just sell off all of the fences you do not want.  A 3rd benefit you’ll discover is credits towards the high roller ribbon too.

Obtaining these ribbons would provide you with some fast XPs and help you level up a notch or two too. If you’re feeling left behind, these easy and legal Farmville cheats might be all you need for a fast pick up. Remember it is only a game and you should enjoy the challenge and have fun.

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