Distinctive Tips To Write SEO-Powered Blog Posts

If you want to get targeted traffic to your blog, search engine optimization is your best method. There’s no other way to consistently get so much relevant traffic at little or no cost. Thus, if you want to start getting search engine traffic, you’ll have to think about SEO whenever you post to your blog. However, if you create your post randomly then it won’t serve any real purpose because you won’t have much search engine traffic.

Although blog posts can appear casual, in reality, they have to be well optimized if you want to start getting traffic. Therefore, if you want to start ranking well for your primary keywords, the sooner you start applying the following tactics, the better.

Be Unique

As you write your blog posts, try to use a unique approach. Don’t be limited like the other bloggers, do something different. One of the latest concepts in the world of blogging is making videos, or vlogging, and this can be an effective strategy. Vlogging is one approach, but you can also just use videos as a tool for your posts, especially to deliver educational content.

Use Videos

Are you wondering why you should bother with video at all? The fact is that search engines consider videos to be quality content, so using them is also a way to improve your rank. In order to create these screen cast videos, you can use a tool like Camtasia or if not that, consider Jing – a good free service to create small videos. Alternatively, if you want to record yourself speaking directly, then you can simply use your cell phone to do that. Of course, you have to get your videos on major video sites like YouTube and Viddler, so you should not forget to sign up with a video distribution service.

Focus On Quality

The main variable when it comes to SEO is the quality of your content, so remember this when you write your posts and create your content in such a way that it’s easily readable. Using lists or bullet points to show steps, problems or tips is an effective way to format your posts. This style is both simple for the writer to create and for the reader to absorb. If you don’t want to go with the lists method then you should break up your long paragraphs into shorter ones so it’s more scannable.

Keep Articles Fresh

Last but not least, if you want to get your blog ranked and indexed, you have to keep writing new posts. Search engines love fresh content, which means that if you can give them that, they won’t have any problem ranking you high enough to get regular web traffic. Even if your blog is about the most specific topic ever, you should still be able to generate content on a regular basis. Yes, this will need hard work and effort, but what is really crucial is getting a constant flow of Internet traffic.

In summary, these points can help you to successfully use SEO with your blog posts so that they will start ranking in search engines. If you’re new to SEO, do not worry as it isn’t rocket science, you can only get better and soon enough you’ll become used to it.

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