3 Reasons To Complete Farmville Collections

Do you play Farmville? Whether you are playing to interact with your friends or tickle your creative side, there are several facets to the game which you need to be mindful of. One piece of the overall puzzle is knowing the merits of the Farmville collections. Before you sell off that cowbell you just found, keep reading .

When you first get down playing Farmville , you may find that there are some strange items you don’t really know what to do with. What is the pair of gloves for? Why is there a random blue feather coming out of your trees? You will not see it initially, but in just a few levels up you are given a collections box. It will be found just above the giant ribbon in your control area. An icon will appear, and it is where you can start to save some items that you will come across during play time.

farmville collections

Some of these unlikely things like the dragonfly can appear and disappear from your gift box from time to time . They are pieces of the overall collections. Currently there are 5 different types of things to collect and your collections box can hold 10 of each item. If the collections box is not yet showing for you, you’ll want to keep these items in your gift box and try to level up fast before it gets too full.

The five collections include gardening tools, country kitsch, bugs, butterflies, and feathers. Each collection has six different items required to make a complete set. As you complete the sets you can trade them in.

So, what will you get? The first big bonus for completing a collection is some coin. Coin is always useful in purchasing more seed and planting more crops – as well as getting some fun stuff in the market place.

To get ribbons, you have to complete collections. As you maybe already know, getting ribbons gives you several benefits but the most valuable maybe is the XP or experience points. If you’ve been doing a lot of fertilizing of your friends farms for these, you will appreciate the chunk of 250 XP when it is presented to you.

One more fantastic bonus from completing collections is 5 fuel refills. If your land has fully expanded, you know how quickly that gas will go from all the plowing, seeding, and harvesting. You can shoot through a couple of tanks of gas easily with just one planting. When you see 5 gas refills in your gift box after completing that collection you are going to be pleased you have it.

Don’t delete or sell anything until you know what it really is. While your aspiration may be to create a simple tree farm, the collections are going to assist you in getting your goals completed faster whatever they might be. Keep your eyes peeled for things your friends are giving away that can help complete your Farmville collections.

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