Hot Tips On How To “Go Viral”

Having something ‘go viral’ is what very many marketers try to do for years. It’s almost like a holy grail in marketing because having that happen can change your business for the better in a very short time. But, as you may know, it’s impossible to predict what becomes viral and what does not. There is good news though, there are certain principles you can incorporate into your business that will increase your odds of producing viral content. Some may consider these guides as nothing new, but it’s the little things that often add-up and produce something spectacular.

Use tags with everything you produce. Tagging is not only for blog posts, either. You can add meta tags to every web page you create. Tags help search engines, and certain social websites, put your pages in the right information groups, so people who may be looking for that information can more easily find it. Tags are easy (and free) to use and can help raise you in the page ranks on search engines and directories. Your ranks can get better, and you’ll get more views, but your content will only become viral if it’s interesting enough, or causes controversy.

Forget completely about trying to force this through advertising. Several miles away, that’s how far away people can see advertising coming. It’s an extremely rare time when you see advertising and sales copy become viral, by themselves. If you find your product becoming popular, it’s usually due to other reasons.

Avoid pushing the product, but rather share something with others about your self. Trying to make money is the fastest way to be ignored when your goal is to go viral. And let your site, other marketing and advertising devices do the selling for you.

Make product that you can give away for free and let people share it with others. Writing a free newsletter that has a “share button” is a wonderful way to interest those that don’t normally subscribe to your work. Make sure your best content is put on the front page of your blog at no charge. Give coupons away that offer a hour of your shop’s services or free products. This is a great way to get people’s attention and grab new customers if you allow them to print numerous coupons that they could share with their friends.

Being able to quickly seize attention is much more effective with going viral than merely the content. Of course that doesn’t mean that every piece of well done content will be the next major “it” thing on the Internet! You never know what will happen, so it’s really a good idea to try using these tips and see what happens.

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