New Nintendo Wii 2 Console Announced

Nintendo has announced that the new version of its Wii console will be launched next year. While no technical details of the device has yet been revealed, an early preview is expected to be shown to gamers at this year’s E3 Expo in Los Angeles in June. Nintendo hopes to build on the successes of the original Wii console which was launched about five years ago although sales of the original Wii have been recently in decline as mobile gaming platforms and other consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox 360 develop new devices.

Perhaps one thing the Wii can count on is that it is the first console of the current generation (which includes Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect and Sony PlayStation Move) to provide users with the ability to play motion controlled games and as a result, it does seem to have a loyal following. While it is not exactly certain what the new Wii 2 would look like, experts are expecting major improvements on the current Wii for example, the use of HD graphics. Usually when console updates occur, gamers can also expect the release of new versions of existing games such as the popular Mario Kart Wii. In that respect, the new Wii 2 console will not only be aimed at regaining lost share in current console sales but also satisfying its fans.

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