How Do We Become Absorbed In Games?

With the help of recent technology, console and PC games are becoming more and more realistic and lifelike. We now have better graphics, 3D effects and interactive equipment, which draws us into the game, taking away our sense of time and reality. But how exactly do these techniques draw us into a game?

Virtual gaming has become more popular as technology has improved. People who enjoy online or virtual games such as Foxy Bingo and Call of Duty, (COD), love how technology has evolved to bring their favourite games to life. COD for example, is made more exciting with the help of online gaming, where you can battle with people across the world. Alternatively, you can play an arcade version with interactive equipment to make it seem more realistic.

The 3D effect is one of the most recent additions to the gaming world. The Nintendo 3DS was the first console to integrate a 3D screen into a console device. This clever piece of technology doesn’t even need special glasses like most 3D cinema screenings require. The game pops out of the screen, making it seem more real. This is a particularly good asset for virtual pet games, where your cat or dog has jumped out of the screen and it sitting on the keypad where you can virtually stroke it.

Interactive equipment such as steering wheels for racing games or a drum kit for Rock Band adds excitement and a realistic touch to the game. The person becomes absorbed in the song because they are physically playing an instrument,which adds another dimension to the overall experience.

Lastly, the graphics makes a game more like a film, with real people, animals, vehicles and scenarios. LA Noir for example has excellent graphics which makes the world seem more realistic because it looks like real people are doing all the crazy stunts you see.

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