Effective Methods for Getting Targeted Traffic to Your Squidoo Lens

If you have been into Internet marketing for a while now, you should know how valuable Squidoo has become in the past few years for online marketing. In this article, we will be discussing effective promotion methods for Squidoo in order to get better targeted exposure for your lenses.


One of the most effective ways to promote your Squidoo lens is to write and submit articles to ezinarticles.com where you link back to your lens. The articles you write here should be about the same topic that your Squidoo lens is created on but they shouldn’t contain the same content. What you’re aiming to do here is to get traffic routed from these articles to your lens. Besides that, every article that you submit will also give you a unique backlink to your lens, which automatically increases the chances of getting higher search engine rankings.

Keyword Research

Furthermore, when you’re creating your articles, make sure that you do some effective keyword research because if you can get your published articles ranked high in Google, you can receive really good traffic from them. You may also want to make sure that Squidom or Lensroll have your lenses registered. Since these sites are social voting sites like Digg, they will increase exposure for your lenses since lenses are read through and then voted for if they are good. If your lens gets popular and hits the front page, you can also expect to get some good amount of traffic.

Aim Higher

Keep in mind that it’s always helpful to keep edging up the ladder for top spot in the Squidoo category of your lens as well. Getting your lens ranked better within its Squidoo category will often cause the search engines to see it in a more favorable light. The search engines tend to reward pages they already believe to be popular with higher ranking in their results. So if your lens can get well-known on Squidoo then that would be a green signal for the search engines. If you want to get into the good books of the search engines then this is something that you need to consider.

All in all, from the above article we can clearly understand some of the best ways you can go about promoting your Squidoo lens and make the most out of the traffic. You should be using Squidoo, just like many other internet marketers, to communicate with your target market and to generate more leads or customers. So go aheade and start making people aware of the existence of your lenses.

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